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Giclee Printing Has Revolutionized Fine Art Reproduction

Giclee is a term, derived from the French for “to spray,” that refers to printing that is done using very high quality inkjet printers that spray a digital picture onto the print paper. Giclee printing has indeed revolutionized the way fine works of art are reproduced, as it allows for clarity of picture and depth of color that no other printing method can match.
Giclee’s first advantage is in the ink. The ink on a giclee print will not fade like the ink on a lithograph, as the technological advances associated with this type of printing have rendered the ink more long-lasting than any of its predecessors. And though inkjet printers normally use CMYK color cartridges, giclee printers use CcMmYK cartridges, meaning there are light and regular options available for cyan and magenta. This gives giclee printing a greater range and depth of color than any other reproduction method. In addition, the transitions between colors are smoother, and the resolution is much greater; the image is transferred identically to the page.
Another advantage is that giclee printing allows a printmaker to use any sort of inkjet canvas or fine art paper with his printer, adding variety to giclee prints. The artist or photographer (who prefers a photo on canvas) will also be able to save money by printing his or her own prints as needed, instead of paying money for a large run at the printmaker’s, most of which will sit around and be eventually trashed. Even though producing one giclee canvas print is more expensive than producing one lithograph, it saves the artist money in the end. The artist can also control everything about his image, instead of entrusting the particulars to an ignorant printer. As he is operating the wide format inkjet printer himself he can control saturation, texture, and paper type, among other factors.
Giclee has indeed changed the way art is reproduced. Both the consumer, the printer, and the artist are more satisfied than ever before. The consumer gets a longer-lasting and better-looking canvas print, the printer can modify things as he chooses, and the artist can be picky about how his masterpieces looks on paper. Giclee printing is clearly revolutionary.

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