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A Giclee Canvas is the most popular medium for canvas printing

Giclee Canvas Prints are Truly Gorgeous.

Have you ever wondered what a giclee canvas is? Well, giclee is French meaning “to spatter out” which pretty much refers to the process of how ink is applied to paper when a special large format printer is used. This inkjet printer has a very high resolution of 2880 x 1440 and is a 7 color ink jet printer.

Prints that are done on giclee canvas are the most accurate art reproductions in the world, and can also be archived well (they last a long time without color variation). Research has shown that any Giclee prints that are made with 100 lb. paper and archival pigmented inks can last as long as 200 years. This makes the giclee print a museum quality reproduction.

But more than their archival quality, the giclee canvas art offers a really accurate print. There are really only three steps to a giclee print whereas traditional prints have 6 steps and therefore more room for error. The giclee canvas printing process takes the painting and then goes through the large format scan back camera and then does the final print. There is no more photographic film, and then scanner and then reproducing the size to press plates that traditional printing needs.

Even when you use a magnifying glass you can’t see the dot patter of a giclee print. The image has a continuous tone to it, and looks just like the original art work. This means it is a great way to make limited reproductions for artists, and makes a less expensive art piece for collectors.

Giclee canvas prints are a little more expensive than traditional prints, but the giclee canvas looks like a real painting, and no one can tell the difference. This makes it a better value as a reproduction. Most artists prefer to use the giclee print for their limited editions, as do photographers looking to put their photos on canvas. Consumers that purchase a giclee print can rarely tell the difference between a real print and the true painting.

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A Giclee Canvas is the most popular medium for canvas printing

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